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Thank you to our kind friends from Ink Movement who shared with us these amazing pieces that address mental health, all submitted by youth from the Peel Region!! We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did!

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Submission 1: Happy Boy

maybe I’m just a kid

the kid with straight smiles and crooked ideals

with quiet laughs but loud thoughts

buckling over a tabletop, filled glasses leaning back on my own weight, broken hearts

unlit passions burning cigarettes

bleeding, irregular hearts beating struggling to keep breathing

feeling pain to not feel anything at all

black space addicted to the stardust

children of the universe created equal

in a system that lives to kill and kills to live

talking my mouth shut preaching silence until my jaw drops

the truth is we grow slowly but die quickly

dishonest optimism realism in pessimism

I found love in the concept of not loving at all because dreams die when time flies

cold breath fills vacant spaces in my chest looking for the glitter on the pavement under the night stars

picking fights with the mirror flinch at the sound of a pin drop in a loud room

drown in a crowd

just the kid

the kid with the straight smile and the crooked ideals

[the] happy boy


Submission 2: Smile 

When life is dark as the blackest night, When all is dull and naught is bright, When you feel that you have lost your light, Try to smile

If you feel like giving up hope, If it becomes too hard to cope, If life seems like a downward slope, Try to laugh

In the times of sadness, grief, and despair, In the times when you feel that nobody’s there, In the times you just don’t want to care, Try to dance

When life starts to feel like a bottomless hole, Find your purpose, achieve a goal. Remember your happiness is in your control, And smile.


Submission 3: Constant Rhythm 

She’s a packed concert hall of sharp teeth and stays in constant motion.

I’m not sure if she knows what she wants, but she keeps going because her system is wired on a never ending buzz to stay alive.


And if only she knew, her aggression is




for a blood thirst hunt.

Her deadly force is consistent, yes,

but not for the sake of being reckless, no,

this is survival.


I know what floating in a lull feels like.

It’s depression.

It’s death.

It’s days where I think too much and do too little,

where my body is so far behind on my mental agenda.


So she carries on to the pulse of the Jaws theme song.

She feeds on what she is wired to consume, a headliner we read in fear of her incessant rhyme.


Submission 4: Antidepressants 




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