Ink Movement Features

Thank you to our kind friends from Ink Movement who shared with us these amazing pieces that address mental health, all submitted by youth from the Peel Region!! We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did! Check out Ink Movement here: Website || Facebook || Twitter   Submission 1: Happy Boy maybe I’m just a […]

15 Amazing Mental Health Tweets in 2015

We saw people express mental health through the arts: 1. 2. We heard authors and artists speak out about mental health: 3. 4. We were informed and educated through initiatives like #WorldMentalHealthDay and #BellLetsTalk: 5.  6.  7.  Charities and non-profit organizations showed their support for mental illness: 8.  9.  Everyday people courageously used Twitter as […]

Men and Mental Health

One of the biggest movements in mental health activism are anti-stigma campaigns. Within the mental health community, it is a shared goal to destroy the stigma surrounding mental health. Stigma continues to exist because of the belief that having mental illnesses should be seen as disabilities. Not only is this untrue, it leads to unnecessary discrimination of individuals with mental illness. But what happens to stigma when we look at mental […]

Mental Health Superhero: Alicia Raimundo

Trigger Warning: Suicide Attempt Mention Disclaimer: These experiences and opinions are subjective and specific to Alicia’s. Although her methods of healing were helpful and good for her, they are by no means interchangeable with professional care and counselling.   ­ Since her youth, Alicia Raimundo struggled with depression, anxiety, and severe suicidal ideation. Despite having […]