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The Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere (FAME) supports family members, friends and caregivers who have a loved one with mental illness by providing education, support groups, resources, one-on-one counseling & coping strategies.  FAME serves families across the Greater Toronto Area and Peel Region. is an organization that provides information and answers for people fighting addiction. It offers counselling to families dealing with communication issues, parenting difficulties, behavior issues, discipline problems, and more. The organization strives to play a role in the support and recovery of families affected by mental illness and substance abuse. For more information regarding Signs of Addiction, click here

Guides and Helpful Reads

Understanding, Support and Self-Care: A Resource Manual for Family Members
This document, published by the Hong Fook Mental Health Association with United Way, is an easy to read manual for family members and friends of individuals with mental illness. It provides knowledge for family and friends of what their loved ones are going through, as well as advice on how to develop coping skills and support systems.
- Youth Outreach Worker, Ruping Chen,
- Youth Program Worker, Kennis Lin,

Rays of Hope – Learning About Schizophrenia
Rays of Hope is a reference manual published by the Schizophrenia Society of Canada as a resource to family members and caregivers of those with schizophrenia. It gives insight into the challenges that those suffering from schizophrenia face, information about the disorder (including symptoms and treatments), and a guideline for coping.

Being There – When Mental Illness Strikes Someone Near You
Being There is a guide published by the Canadian Mental Health Association that details mental illness and its effects, while providing information on ways to help both yourself and the person dealing with a mental illness. It consists of advice from doctors, mental health professionals, and others who have direct experiences. Further information about what to do in emergency situations are provided too.

Challenges and Choices
This document, published by the Canadian Mental Health Association, is a guide for anyone looking for mental health resources in Ontario. It provides descriptions of common mental health issues and give tips on the services best suited for each issue. The document has websites and phone numbers for individuals to aid them when they are seeking more information, as well as advice on questions to ask healthcare professionals in order to receive the best care.

A Sibling’s Guide To Psychosis
This document, published by the Canadian Mental Health Association, is a guide for teens who have a brother or sister experiencing psychosis. The guide is equipped with information about psychosis, support for siblings, as well as advice on how to best help their brother or sister dealing with psychosis. The guide consists of information from other siblings, parents, and mental health professionals.

Promoting Recovery First Episode Psychosis
This document, published by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, is a guide for family and friends of those experiencing first episode psychosis. The guide has knowledge on recognizing early symptoms, finding prompt and appropriate treatments, and promoting recovery.

Justice Process-Family Guide
Created by the Canadian Mental Health Association, this guide offers support for family and friends of those with mental illness that come in contact with the law. It provides support through each stage of the justice system, outlining how the justice system works so that family members know what to expect. Furthermore, tips on what family members can do at each stage of the process to provide support are also mentioned in the guide.

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